This Unicursal THE MAGIC IS STILL Poster is another piece of helpful propaganda from the Ministry of Information, a take on the original trilogy of British posters from WWII combined with a quote from “The Opium Smoker” in Equinox Vol I No ii.


I found this in the back of an old algebra notebook of mine without explanation. Apparently I thought I’d remember. Does any one know what I was on about?

The Book of the Law ch 3.34

But your holy place shall be untouched throughout the centuries: though with fire and sword it be burnt down & shattered, yet an invisible house there standeth, and shall stand until the fall of the Great Equinox; when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place.

I don’t recall actually reading this in 2011. ? The rest of my notebook had Wiccan symbolism doodles including a wheel of the year. But ok. Crowley in my brain. Further reading on other related sites suggests Crowley got “double-wanded one” mixed up with “double-feathered one” and that he was describing Maat.

Hrumachis is Baphomet, so “When Baphomet shall arise and Maat (or Justice, in this case) will assume my throne and place” ?

Maybe? Who knows what the crazy old coot was saying.)

I’m thinking I made the symbol up myself.

It’s weird going back and seeing what we used to do and/or think.

**edit** hubby believes it is referring to Hermes and the caduceus.

I found this in the back of an old algebra notebook of mine without explanation. Apparently I thought I’d remember. Does any one know what I was on about?

I lost a follower after posting the Buster Bunny meme? Really? Lame.


when people try to argue with you about something you clearly know more about

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So I got something to show the Kemetic community :0

My parents have had this tapestry for years. I know it is a copy but it is still nice. If I remember correctly, I think it is suppose to be of King Tut but I am probably wrong.

My parents mostly have this because of what Aten/Aton represents; the belief that the sun means one god. If I understand correctly, the solar disk represents Ra or is like an aspect of Ra. However, when Amenhotep IV came along, he turned Aten into a monotheistic icon or so to speak. Then Horemheb came along and said knock that shit off (or at least that is what I understand from reading the wikipedia page, so please don’t site me on this xD). So my parents aren’t exactly wrong in how they view the solar disk but I always think Ra when I see the sun.

Yes, this is a reproduction copy of an image of King Tut and his wife, Ankhesenanum. This is lifted, iirc, from the back of his throne, which is interesting in an of itself. It was allegedly upon King Tut’s coronation that he made the Proclamation Stela, pretty much going on about how he had returned the whole land back to the ancient gods. And yet, he was willingly buried with Aten imagery within his sepulcher. Of course, he was nine years old when he took over the throne so probably didn’t do anything but what he was told, so the proclamation was probably done at the behest of either Ay or Horemheb or both. The really interesting bit is that they didn’t really seem to actually destroy imagery of the Aten until Horemheb hit the scene…

Anyway, moving on.

The solar disk wasn’t even really mentioned until the Middle Kingdom. The mentions are few and far between, but mostly they are discussing the actual disc of the sun as opposed to any deity specific to it. The Aten, as a deity, has like a single mention in the reign of either Thutmose III or IV (can’t remember). And then it has mentions in Amenhotep III’s reign in at least two or three places, which is interesting in an of itself but of course tells us a boatload of nothing about this mysterious interloper.

The belief that the Aten and the sun imagery hearkens back to monotheism is a misnomer. This is common among people who haven’t looked to the history. Atenism began its life as henotheistic. The name of the Aten was originally written in long form which utilized the names of Re-Horakhty and Shu within its nomenclature. It wasn’t until relatively late in Akhenaten’s reign that the anti-netjeru uprising began. That was when he started destroying the gods’ names, when his closest advisors changed their names to include the Aten, and when even the plural of netjer was hacked down.

In my opinion, and in many other Egyptologists’ opinions who study this particular time period, something set Akhenaten off about all the other netjeru. Some people think he lost his mind because the plague was running rampant at the time and it’s not long after these uprisings against the netjeru that key members of the family go missing. Others just think he was a megalomaniac who wanted to ruin the Amun priesthood. But if that was the case (personal opinion and rambles here), then he would have probably only focused on hacking out the names of Amun and the Theban triad. Instead, he focused on like a plethora of gods, including Hetheru, and even the word netjeru. So, you know.

As far as the anti-Atenist uprising, yes. It was because of Horemheb. As I mentioned above, Tut talked about how he brought the country back to the fore, so to speak, but he didn’t do a damn thing. The shadowy figure of Smenkhkare had actually already begun the “return to the netjeru" process when he disappears from history (I don’t hold with the theory that this is Nefertiti though I believe he may have been related). Then Tut comes in and “does the thing” when really, it was probably Ay and Horemheb.

I was reading recently about how it was thought that Horemheb was shoring his bets that Tut would die (he was pretty sickly) and was gearing up to take over. And then Tut died while he was away, fighting, so he couldn’t take over the ruling of the kingdom and Ay did instead. And this is probably why Horemheb was particularly vicious when hacking out Ay’s memory. Also, hilarious double standard since there is a theory that they found his tomb in Amarna with his name all Aten-ified.

Thus ends my rambles.



Sometimes people send me messages and I just get this feeling like “yes, yes, this person is special. This person has so much kindness and good inside them that I bet it shows in everything that they do”, but I don’t write that. I write “I love you”, then I erase it because that’s a weird thing to say to a stranger, and I just write “thank you” instead.

I feel like that sometimes.

oddlyenoughno replied to your post “Everytime I try to describe how I feel I come off as a bitch.”

Sometimes I think that’s just what happens when us ladies express ourselves. I hate having to admit that too, because I love the shit out of men (maybe too much), but I mean REALLY. Dudes never seem to want to hear my opinion unless it’s positive.

Well that and I don’t know how to “Control my tone” while typing. I mean, I come of as a bitch especially when trying to clarify myself or respond to a post I see. I don’t want to wake up one day and find my name all over pagansuncensored (just an example) being called out for my tone when in reality I’m just not always very good at using words.  

Everytime I try to describe how I feel I come off as a bitch.

viα tenebrumThomas Ingoldsby ‘The Witches Frolic’ (with illustrations by Ernest M. Jessop) ‘The Ingoldsby Legends’ where written by the Clergyman Thomas Barham (1788-1845) under the pseudonym ‘Thomas Ingoldsby’, and originally published piecemeal in Bentleys Miscellany before being collected in book form in the early 1840s.

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Anonymous asked:

It can't just be me, but has anyone else noticed that a LOT of 'spiritual experiences' and 'religious changes' in the community seems to change when a new episode of Supernatural comes out? Or that a lot of it just comes from the TV show itself? I've met quite a few "wanna-be Winchesters" here in the community.


Now if they are using things exactly as they are being portrayed in the show I’d say either they are practicing some sort of PCP or they are like really hardcore cosplayers? IDK

I will say as a fan of Supernatural, the show has peaked my interest in certain topics. Just like if you watched Disney’s Hercules as a little kid and grew up more interested in Greek myth to the point of becoming a Hellenic Polytheist. There is nothing wrong with that.

It is up to the person to do some research find out which bits are correct, which are made up, which are real but are being altered. I feel like the writers are doing real research and then are thinking “OK, how can we use this in a way that (under educated on the subject/children) people don’t accidently call up a real ‘bump in the night’?” 

Supernatural has made me more interested in researching the occult, sigils, and warding. As well as an unusual desire to hoard salt.

There is nothing wrong with being inspired by something completely made up. Some Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fiction books does the same to me How many of you can truly say that nothing fictional ever inspired you to study something?

Take that inspiration and make it real, delve deep. Just remember that your life isn’t a tv show or book before you start, and make sure you learn how to handle whatever you get into.

Does Pagyptsian know you took one of her personal photos and uploaded it to tumblr? This image of her came straight from her blog here.



thoth by mym on Flickr.

Tramite Flickr:
The god Thoth in his guise as an Ibis.

Things that caught my eye in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

Okay but are we gonna talk about how he’s got some random ass fucking horns and like, three hats  sitting on top of the horns?

His hat literally consists of three separate hats.